Get the Flux360 decontamination system up and running in 40sec!


Small and Efficient


The Flux360® Shower System provides an efficient victim decontamination system that can be set up by a single person in less than 40 seconds.


The space is designed for decontamination of victims with or without help from emergency personnel. The space also allows decontamination of stretcher bound patients.


By placing three Flux360® units in a chain you get an effective decontamination chain for undressing, showering and getting dressed. Three decontamination units in a chain significantly optimises the decontamination flow and reduce the risk of cross contamination.

A Versatile System


The Flux360® is a economical system that is perfect for responding to small-scale hazardous incidents with minimal personnel required. The Flux360® Shower System is also ideal to use as field shower.


Flux360® is suitable for use in all kinds of crisis situations from chemical accidents, fire & rescue operations to natural disasters and bio-terrorism. Used in humanitarian disasters it can serve as hygiene stations or as temporary housing.

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Flux360® is in full use at several swedish governmental institutions and municipalities. Among those are both firestations with chemical expertise and hospitals.


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